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After collecting rock albums, books and rock magazines for over forty years it's about time to open up the archives and put some of my favorite music on the big net. The music here is intended for review purposes only and is not a substitute for the original record company product. Please contact us directly regarding the removal of any potentially infringing material. READERS: Please use us as a buyer's guide and support the artists.


MusicPosted by schoth Wed, October 29, 2014 20:38:17
Today it happened again... Driving around in the car and suddenly there is a beautiful song on the radio that you have never heard before. You really like to know the artists name but at those moments the DJ keeps quiet ! Quickly wrote down snippets of lyrics and hope that google will come up with the right song. In this case all hits lead to Paolo Nutini, an italian with a scottish accent who mix up old and new styles and makes it his own. Turn up the volume !

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